The Trilogy of Shiva: A book Review


‘The Trilogy of Shiva’ by Amish left me astonished. Due to my research work I couldn’t complete it in a go, which I usually do and it took me nearly two years two cover all three parts. The first two parts were so exciting and engaging that I could not resist myself to read the third part though very late but finally completed and pursued me to write the review.  The narrations of the story were action packed and spell bounding. The characters, situations, their morals, there understandings and intelligence is extraordinary. Being the student of ancient history I am well aware of mythological stories which he was narrating along with historical and archaeological background, he has chosen to depict the story. I will say that he has done a commendable work on mingling History and mythology in a fictional way to make it a perfect fiction plot. One thing that I would like to mention and appreciate here, the way he has demonstrated the Snatan Dharma and its values. I am not choosing the term Hinduism over here because I consider it’s a broad umbrella.

Shiva, the protagonist of the story is the Flag bearer of the fact that with all the fears, gulit, compassion, humility like a normal human being he passed all the odds and attained his godly stature by conquering it. It is shown that he was Destined to do it and his Karma was in harmony with his destiny.  Like, there is only one Buddha, only one Mahavir which suggest that there are people who are destined to do some great things. One person amongst us can bring the change in the society.

The society was based on merits, no discrimination of gender can be seen for example characters like Sati was a great warrior, kankhala as the prime minister of Meluha, Kali as the queen of the Nagas, Ayurvati as the head of medicine department, Tara as student of science, Anandmayi etc all stand on the platform of feminism which gives an idea of an idealistic society.

This trilogy is good example of teaching today’s generation a lesson on Dharma. Dharma is not religion. It’s a way of righteous living. Following ones inner voice. It’s a blend of many terms like Faith, Righteousness, law, code of conduct, truthfulness etc. There is no one term in English which can define it.

He has justified all his logics that he had implemented in the story whether it’s giving life to Indus valley civilization, using the terms that are used in history like the name Meluha, Hariuppa. The writer has exploited the historical facts and amalgamated them into the grandeur of myths like Relationship of ancient Indian civilization with Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Human relationships are beautifully depicted in the books and by no means reduce the communication of the characters to frugal human exchange. The relationship of Sati and Shiva is an epitome of how consorts should be without generic clichés.

This story emancipates a universal principle and resonates with the times we are living in which is applicable to all yugas or time. We are witnessing several ethnical differences in our society just like the world created by Amish and he has given interesting arguments to subdue these problems. He actually asks the readers to celebrate differences and gives an insight into the worlds which has many truths. This book gave a perspective to me and allowed me to see the world sans the black and white spectacle.  It taught me to be non judgmental.

The series talks about the fact that if not checked the good will eventually turn into evil and the world will find solace in the constant change which is important to regulate the balance of the world. An idea of how we can perceive a problem and find a solution out of it.

I would like to recommend this series to bibliophiles and those who don’t like reading books then I think they should have a glance; one might get hooked to it.

P.s- I would like to thank yogita khatri for those enormous discussions we had on these books by Amish.



  1. priyankazneverland · April 16, 2017

    Very well reviewed Ekta. Thank God you finally succeeded in completing this trilogy that I’d suggested to you millions of years ago! 😆
    Now you can plunge yourself into interesting sci fis and series. Have fun reading!


  2. Priyanka Dey · April 16, 2017

    Very well reviewed Ekta. Thank God you finally succeeded in completing this trilogy that I’d suggested to you millions of years ago! 😆
    Now you can plunge yourself into interesting sci fis and series. Have fun reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ektasingh10 · April 16, 2017

      Hahaha.. I know. Your suggestions always land me into a different zone and I just love being there.
      Thanks priyanka. 😊


  3. Sadhana singh · April 16, 2017

    Remarkable work yet again! Congrats Ekta didi fr such a Wonderful piece of writing.This has really pushed to me a hv a glance over dis book.An inspiration from an Inspiration!!😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • ektasingh10 · April 16, 2017

      Thanks sadhana.. it’s must read
      . 😊 You’ll love it. Keep reading


  4. Asifa · April 17, 2017

    Very well done Ekta. Nicely articulated review. Keep up with the pace sweetheart.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Aparna Tripathi · October 6

    I wanted to read the series, but somehow reading about mythology in English didn’t give me the same feel. Also I found a bad translated version which was no help. Though after reading this review, I might give it another go. Thank you. 😀


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