Streets of Udaipur

No matter how much you roam around in this place, you’ll fall in love with this city again again.. 

This is an attempt to show a glimpse of streets of Udaipur through my view. The heritage walk took around hathi pol and city palace with my friends Nupur and Suramya. 

Shopping bags with full desi style

These beautiful paintings all around made the place more beautiful

Frames, whether it be a window or for the photos

Lighting all around and some conversation

A unique use of steel buckets, just loved the concept

Painter babu, with his creation of Shrinathji


Mithaiwala, can’t resist to try some local sweets

When in rajasthan you ought to buy some handicrafts stuffs

Symbol of love and dedication, meera bai

Mesmerizing Gangor ghat

My heritage walk guides, Suramya and Nupur

The clock tower


The door with these amazing dwar pala paintings

Just can’t get enough of this place will be back soon to explore this marvelous place again. 


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