Carving your own space

​A girl has no home of her own, until she has her own home. By this, I mean a home that she owns, neither the one she is from nor the one she will be going to. Knowingly or unknowingly people will make you realise that you don’t belong here. So girls, it’s very necessary to be financially Independent so that you don’t need to go through all those dialogues like when are you going, why you are even here, this is my home and you have to work according to me, etc etc. I am sure some had heard even worse. 

That sense of belongingness, that sense of power and that independent feeling can never be achieved until you carve that space of your own. Why to hear such things and feel bad when you know you are capable enough to go out and stand tall among that crowd. 

Creative room of one of my friend Priyam @new delhi

And for that independence leave no stone unturned just work hard for your goals and grab them. Always remember sky is not the limit. It’s good if you have loving and caring people around for whom this stuff doesn’t matter but it will be more good if you have earned that space of urs where only you matters. No, I am not saying you to be selfish I am just saying you are worth it. 
#just a thought


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  1. Lalit Kumar · December 27, 2016

    वाह बहुत खूब ।

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