City cruise on river thames

I hop in city cruise from london pier which is beside london eye. As I had a pre booked online ticket so, i went through a fast track line & collected my ticket from the ticket collection centre at the pier. After waiting for a while I hop in and went upstairs to grab a seat of my choice. I was fortunate enough to get one in spite of rush hours.
All set to sail, left big ben behind.

Whole cruise was full with people of different nationalities. Children seemed very excited for the upcoming journey, so did i. I have never been into the cruise before and this was my very first experience. We started our journey with a warm welcome from one of their crew member. He started his commentary, as it was on volunteer basis, he told us if we don’t like his commentary then we do have an option of picking up an audio cassette commentary from downstairs but everybody applauded and appreciated his work and said he can carry on.

London bridge and shards


Tower bridge

Tower palace view from Thames

During our journey, with full enthusiasm he was telling us, about the history of the major buildings, bridges and areas that we were crossing, like for example shards, Shakespeare theater, london bridge, london eye, Millennium bridge, tower bridge, maritime museum, anchor pub etc. His commentary was very lively & full of humour. Everyone was pleased listening him.


Anchor pub
The wall @Greenwich
Maritime museum @Greenwich

First, we stopped at tower pier. People who want to visit tower bridge, palace and other near by places hop of & while few hop in as well. I carried on my journey on the cruise itself. Next and last pier was Greenwich, yes at 0° 0′ 0″. Over here one can see the famous wall, maritime museum etc. Like any other famous place in london, Lot of people can be seen here. Again the process of hop in hop of can be seen.
People clicking pictures


Cafeteria in the cruise

And then the cruise turned back, we again reached tower pier but this time (at 5 pm) we were fortunate enough to watch the tower bridge going upright. (For Which it is famous for). It was a moment full of excitement for me as i always wanted to see it. Meanwhile, a big ship crossed it. The bridge came to its normal position after 10 mins. While crowd was filled with joy at that moment. Series of photography specially selfies can be seen. As you can see in picture below :-

London eye view from Thames @Westminster pier

At last we came to Westminster pier and everyone hop of, while the other group who were waiting for there turn hop in.

With this my first experience of being on a cruise came to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed its each moment. But as I was very tied to walk so, I decided not to hop of at any pier and I chose to just sit back. It was gratifying to see the city from the Thames.


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